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Attic & Crawlspace Remediation

In remediation, a thorough inspection is done, right down to the microscopic levels. Once the situation is clear, the mold is contained in the crawl space or attic to ensure it doesn’t spread. The air is then filtered to remove moisture, which helps mold grow. Now, the mold is completely removed and whatever the mold was on is also thoroughly cleaned. The final step is the restoration process.

🔑 Using our proprietary remediation techniques and anti-microbial solutions, we quickly and safely remove mold from your home or business.

Remediation & Cleanup for interior

Where a large area of cleanup is involved (more than 30 sq.ft.) a professional is usually called to establish negative air in the work area and to install containment barriers of plastic or other material to protect cleaner areas of the building from cross-contamination during the cleanup. Remove and dispose of moldy items that cannot be effectively cleaned: Moldy drywall, paneling, trim, carpets, boxes, junk, are removed and disposed-of as construction debris or trash, either because the item cannot be effectively cleaned, or in some cases because the cost of cleaning exceeds the value of the object. Be sure to remove building insulation that has been wet or smells moldy or has been exposed to high levels of airborne mold.

Stain Removal

Mold stain removal can be challenging, even after you have removed the mold itself. Unfinished areas of the home such as the basement and attic are often susceptible to mold stains, as these areas are not typically seen and the longer the mold lives, the longer the stains can penetrate the surface of the material. Mold is a fungus that grows in multi-cellular filaments called hyphae. These hyphae produce pigment, or color. Mold colors can range from white or gray to green, red, brown or black, and the darker the color, the more pigment it produces.


An experienced technician will come to the property and take accurate readings and measurements of the size of the affected area and the amount of mold present to produce an accurate price quote. Pictures of the area will also be provided with the official report along with an estimated time frame to complete mold treatment.


We provide 2 types of mold tests:

  • Air Cassette Testing
    – Cassette Testing involves two canisters; one collecting an air sample from the interior air space of a building/home and another collecting an outdoor air sample. A third-party lab will then compare the two canisters to obtain results. The results will be sent to RMR and a specialist will interpret them for you via phone call as well as a written copy which can be emailed or mailed to you.
  • “Swab” Tests and Tape Lift Sampling
    – Swiping a mold collection instrument across a potential or confirmed visually moldy surface to capture living spores that will then be sent to a lab for analysis. Lab results will show if the spores are toxic and/or allergenic.

Please call one of our experienced mold specialists to help determine which is correct for your

Disclaimer: Free quotes are done using our proprietary quoting software. On site inspections to determine costs sometimes are needed and have a fee associated.

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